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The Roscommon Area Public Schools Board of Education chose former employee Lisa Kieb to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of Board Member Brenda Milner during a special meeting at the board office in Roscommon on Sept. 27. Kieb’s term on the board lasts until November, 2014.

“I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to be part of the change,” said Kieb, who added that she is “willing and open to listening to the community.”

Kieb, 44, worked at the RAPS board office for one year, after she and her husband Eric moved to Roscommon in 2010. Eric Kieb is pastor at Good Shepherd United Methodist Church of the North. They have three children, ages 2, 8 and 10, two of whom are students at Roscommon Elementary School.

In a letter of interest she sent to the board, dated Sept. 24, Kieb wrote “I believe we are in a time where the community needs to pull together to bring about the necessary changes that will lead to a strong district. As a community member and a parent, I want to be part of that change.” She said she thinks the community is “in a good place to pull together” and make the changes in the school system which will be needed.

Kieb was one of four candidates who stepped forward to be considered for the board seat, which also included Michelle “Micki” Adams of Roscommon, and Ann Rice and Pam Colby of St. Helen. All four candidates were interviewed, then, after a short deliberation, the board narrowed the field down to Adams and Kieb, eventually choosing Kieb for the seat. Board President Brian Hill said that given the relatively short time period the board had to seek candidates to fill the seat (the position had to be filled within 30 days of former Board Member Brenda Milner’s resignation, which was effective Sept. 4), he was surprised and heartened “that we wound up with four quality candidates.”

During deliberation, board members noted Kieb’s strong base of experience with the board, and Hill commented that with her knowledge and experience, there would be “less of a learning curve” involved in her taking over Milner’s position on the board. “That learning curve is more than you anticipate,” said Board Vice President Kim Morley, who added that she thought Kieb would be able to “engage quicker” with the business the board is currently dealing with.

Board Member John Bowen said he had “underestimated Lisa’s (Kieb’s) experience with the board,” and Board member Jeff Gaberdiel said Kieb is “very thoughtful before making a statement, not a knee jerk type of person.” Morley said she was also impressed with Kieb’s mention of “looking five years ahead” in planning for the district.

Kieb’s first meeting as a member of the RAPS Board of Education will be at the board’s regular meeting on Oct. 17.

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